Powering Asia's 

best fleets 

OVO is a complete fleet management platform for businesses that want to deliver faster and track operations end-to-end, for less cost. 

Improve driver efficiency, productivity and tracking.

Fleet Management 

Real-time management of your logistics.

Measure everything, gain insight, improve efficiency.

Provide a best-in-market delivery experience.

Powerful Driver App technology for your fleet

Optimise deliveries 

Operate your fleet at maximum efficiency, without the cost 

View all orders, current and completed.

View all delivery information with a tap.

Driver tracking at every step of the journey.


Proof of delivery

Capture proof of delivery from customers 

Realtime customer feedback, real-time insights

Ratings + Reviews

Fleet management in realtime

Built for the demands of enterprise 

Route optimisation 

360 degree view of drivers in real-time

Real-time delivery statuses

Realtime driver details and location

Automated dispatch

Add new deliveries with a click

Track teams and individuals

Estimate driver time of Delivery

Track everything

Gain valuable business insights

Customise your delivery flow 

All the important things at your fingertips 



Reports and analytics.

Measure everything. 

Deliver a Premium User Experience 

Give your customers a best in market experience.

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